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The First Thing You Need To Know About Marketing

At Resonating Brands, we are here to give you the truth and the best value for your money when it comes to marketing. We will always value continuous learning, strategy, and executing on a well-developed plan as our key strengths in marketing and what we can offer you.

This is our brand. If you are looking for a marketing group who is curious about you and your industry, takes pride in honest, dependable marketing strategies, and breathes creative life into your brand, we are your people.

We want you and your company to BE RESONATING. 

It is only when you Resonate, when you find your voice, your personality and your target market, that you will truly be a Resonating Brand to be desired. We are here to help YOU get there.

So What Is Marketing?

There are so many things that are included in marketing that an all-inclusive list seems to be impossible. More things than I think most of us realize. 

Here are just a few of my thoughts of what I consider to be part of marketing:

  • Customer service is marketing. How you talk to your customers. How you answer the phone. Response times. Empathy, tone, it ALL MATTERS.
  • Sales is marketing. And marketing is sales. They are intertwined. Stop thinking they are separate. They are NOT.
  • Every single email is marketing. Marketing is communication by design. Decide & design the style of communication that you and your company want to be and are and use it, every time.
  • Social Media is marketing. Every video, every post, every tool. You can allow individuality, but keep the culture & tone you have developed to be consistent.
  • Your website is marketing. How is it working? Does is have SSL, which is now a MUST-HAVE? Is it optimized for mobile? Does it have easy ways to contact you? Is it easy to navigate? Can people find you via SEARCH? What are your keywords? Do you know if you rank for any of your key words?
  • Are you putting out good content, that is interesting and provides value for your customers? Or is boilerplate, just sending out boring, “SAFE” content because somebody told you that you should?
  • Collecting emails is marketing, in fact it is still one of the best ways to talk to your customers and prospects. Do you have an email list, and are you always, always adding to it?

What Is The First Thing You Need To Know About Marketing?

OK, so hands down, every time, if you are a business, YOU NEED TO BE EASY TO DO BUSINESS WITH.

So what does that mean. It means a lot of things to me. And it sounds so simple. Do you know, however, how many businesses make it hard to purchase their products? Especially in B2B and companies that work through distributor networks, it can be darn near impossible to buy. 

  1. Be accessible. Offer as many ways as possible to contact someone. It should NOT BE HARD TO GET IN CONTACT WITH SOMEONE.
  2. Provide a clear and easy sales funnel. I mean, how many times does a manufacturer refer a potential customer to a distributor and NOTHING HAPPENS? You may not be in that world but I assure you that it happens all the time. 
  3. Someone needs to be accountable for every single lead. Every single one! If it is a small lead and you want big leads, hire one person to handle ALL small sales. Create buzz and good will, not apathy. 

Make it Easy, Make it Resonate! 

I know it sounds ridiculous, but do an audit. Is your company easy to do business with? Do you streamline your customers’ experience so they love dealing with you and your company? Some companies are famous for this and do a GREAT JOB at making it easy. Please make sure you and your company are always working on making sure it is EASY to BUY from you.

Need Help? Drop me a line. I am trying to be easy to do business with.

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