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Digital Marketing Strategies to Help Make Your Business Successful

Digital Marketing Experts Dedicated To Making Your Business Successful

We are diligent and passionate about bringing marketing expertise to the table to help you grow your business. 
We are committed to helping you be more successful & make more money

The Steps To

  1. Define & Refine Your Target Customer & Positioning
  2. Review & Fix Your Website or Build You a New One
  3. Build Custom Landing Pages For Your Target Customer
  4. Build Email, Social Media, And/Or Paid Advertising Programs To Drive Traffic To Your Landing Pages
  5. Get Results!

Your Website Becomes A Business Asset Generating Leads & Sales For Your Business

What We Believe...

When it comes to marketing, the header on your website, the subject line on your email, the opening statement of your proposal, the title of your lead generator, your entire elevator pitch, the first line of your keynote address, and a thousand other things need to succintly express one of the ways you help people survive. If they don't people will not listen.

Donald Miller & Dr. J.J. Peterson - "Marketing Made Simple" Tweet

we are

Most businesses lack the time and the expertise to build a website that gets results. At Resonating Brands, we’ll build you an amazing website and then we will build your digital sales funnels so you can get more leads that turn into customers. 

We are passionate about marketing and often a bit opinionated. We offer our best advice at all times, including whether we think our talents are a good fit for your needs and budget. We invite you to make contact with us — our desire is to help you make your brand resonate!!

Resonating Brands: We Write. We Resonate.

What is seo

What Is SEO and Why Do I Need It?

SEO is an important part of making your website a lead generating asset for your business. Think again if you aren’t finding a way to make your website more valuable for your business. We can help you make your website a resource and lead generator.

Follow all of our recommendations to do SEO for your website and make sure it can be found! We can help if you need it…

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upset woman working on computer

Why Your Content Marketing Isn’t Getting Results

The biggest mistake made in content marketing is writing content before you do your keyword research. That’s it. That’s the reason.

You have to understand what your target audience is wanting and needing to know. You have to know what words they are typing into the search bar…

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