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Why We Obsess Over Culture and You Should Too

At Resonating Brands we are all about honest, well-informed opinions, collaborative communication, and authenticity. We value continued learning, dependability, and creativity as our key strengths in marketing and we use these traits as the basis for all our communication. This is our brand. If you are looking for a marketing group who is curious about you and your industry, takes pride in honest, dependable communication, and breathes creative life into your brand, we are your people.

And if not, that’s okay, too.

The point is, company culture is an asset to all companies. Yours included. We believe that one of THE MOST important things about your company is you – your personality, your co-workers’ personalities, your mission, and your values. Here’s why:

Employee Engagement and Retention

A team who has a common mission and similar values is going to work well together. They will act cohesively and help drive the overall success of your company towards the mission.

Think of it this way: Your company is a ship and your employees are manning the oars. If everyone is rowing in the same direction and at the same speed, the ship will travel fast. On the other hand, the ship will start to rotate and veer off course if one section is rowing slower. If you start your journey by making sure that every rower you let on the boat wants to go the same speed and direction as you, you will have smooth sailing!

One company who excels at culture is Zappos. The make sure that every employee they hire not only KNOWS their values, but LIVES their values. Employees who feel they are part of this culture will stay with the company longer and often invest more time and energy.

Do you want to increase employee engagement and retention? If you do, it’s time to start using your values and mission in the hiring process then in your internal communication and decision making.

Easy Decision Making

When you know what you value and what you’re trying to do with those values, that makes all of your decisions easier. When was the last time you had to look for a vendor or a resource and were overwhelmed by the amount of options? Maybe you had to make an extensive pro-con list or “just pick something.”

This happens to everyone.

You can avoid this sense of overwhelming or anxiety that you made the wrong decision by being very clear about what your values are.

For example, if your company was a “green company” that valued sustainability and environmentally-friendly tools, packaging decisions would be a breeze. You should choose packaging that is biodegradable, made with recyclable materials because that is what is most authentic to your corporate values and will add to your credibility as a company.

Another example that happens often for “old-school” B2B companies is that they value personal relationships and become unsure how to invest in marketing without letting go of their brands. Our suggestion is to invest in the marketing technologies that facilitate personal relationships. Specifically, CRMs and social media accounts are great ways to keep a personal-relationship company culture alive while still getting the word out there.

Differentiation That Goes Beyond Your Solution

Something magical happens when all your employees and your business decisions are aligned to achieve your mission and uphold your values: you become a brand that people aspire to invest in. For every company that knows what they value, there is a customer out there who will choose that brand over all others.

This is your differentiation.

Or should we say you are your own differentiation? If that feels like a lot of power, then you are really understanding how important company culture is. It allows you to build a long-lasting company that relies on more than just technology patents and a few key clients because technology becomes outdated, but well thought-out values and missions can last.

Once you start using your company culture, you can start developing a group of customers who are psychographically similar. This means they value what you value and will often choose your company even if you aren’t the cheapest, fastest, or highest quality (unless that’s your value). Marketing to a psychographic can be an extremely effective way to build your business.

Do You Know Your Company Culture?

Using company culture in your marketing requires a holistic approach. You need to start by knowing your values and mission. Then start incorporating it internally into your hiring process, your decision making, and all internal and external communications.

Whether your are trying to discover your culture, build it internally, or start leveraging it to build your customer base, we can help you. Fill out the form below to get started:

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