WHat To ExpECt: The Full Story

Websites require marketing and promotion to get results

Website design and development is a learned skill.  At Resonating Brands, we know building a website is the easy part.

Getting your website to rank for the keywords you want it to rank for is the challenge. 

What do we do?

We have been doing websites & marketing for over 20 years!

We build websites based on your needs with the WordPress platform or the Shopify platform. There are a lot of steps to building a website that meets your company’s needs, so we will provide a checklist if you choose to work with us to help guide you through the process.

The steps to building your website

These are just a few of the things that need to happen when building a website.

Building a website takes many steps, including the following:

  • Have you acquired a domain name that suits your business name and target market?
  • Do you have a suitable and professional logo you can provide in a high resolution format? If not, how do you plan to get one made and provide for your website?
  • What pages do you need on your website and in what order? This is called a sitemap and we will build one with you.
  • Once you have your pages decided, what is the content for each page? Do you have it written? If not, who is going to write it?
  • What images do you have? Can you provide them? If so, what is the quality?

Building a website is only the start of the process

Building a website does not mean that you will automatically get business

How do we promote your website so you can grow your business?

  • Websites require promotion to be successful.
  • There are many ways to promote your website such as organic SEO, paid Google Ads, social media channels, email marketing campaigns, etc.
  • Take the time to understand what SEO is all about by reading things such as the SEO starter guide by Google.

Website functionality

We need to be clear in the beginning as to what you need your website to do

What does your website need to do?

  • If you would like to sell products on your website, it is an e-commerce website. E-commerce websites typically have more to set up and more to manage, which does result in higher costs.
  • Booking or scheduling appointments online on your website can be easy or complicated, depending on the functionality you need.
  • Scheduling events and taking registration fees involve extra steps and setup as well. Does your website need to do this?
  • Complex forms with conditional logic is also extra functionality. Just imagine the time it takes for us to prepare something like this for you.

What you get with us

We are a gem

Small but mighty, we are a gem of a company that will engage the best of strategies and resources for you.

The truth

At Resonating Brands we will always tell the truth in regards to what it takes for us to help you succeed in the web space.

Heart & passion

We have the heart and passion to work for you at a high level. We take pride in all we do for all clients.

Ready to start a project?

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